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The evaluation of projects at Crypto Research Vienna is a complex multilevel process, involving several experts from various disciplines and mechanisms to avoid subjective or inaccurate data. A continuous reevaluation and monitoring procedures of the evaluation process itself secure impartiality, reliability and validity.

To ensure transparency and traceability, the single stages of the successive process are repeated independently numerous times by different analysts. With every stage, the gathered information increases in width and depth. Strict parameters define the process to minimize errors of interpretation or a subjective impact on the results. All findings, numbers and problems will be discussed by a panel of experts. This strict procedure guarantees the comparability of the results.

The first stage of the fundamental analysis implies a general look at the project for so called “No-Go-Criteria”. These criteria disqualify coins for further analysis steps due to predefined parameters that classify a successful investment and strategic success of a project as very unlikely. Obvious snowball and other fraud systems will be sorted out as well as coins/tokens, which will have no future due to factors such as a vulnerable technical foundation or flawed tokenomics. A first look at the composition of the team and their previous activities are also included in the rating at this level.
The second stage analyzes and evaluates the existing figures and numbers of the project. Priority is given to factors such as the allocation of tokens or the use of existing funds. At this stage, it is essential to be able to assess the market figures, compare them and evaluate them in the context of not only the white paper but the actual mission of the project. The analysts not only compare the announcements with the actual implementation, but also check these milestones for their correctness through personal contacts and comprehensible tests. A detailed feasibility analysis is performed to check if the strategic approach is realistic or not afterwards. Our analyst teams predict whether the goals set in the white paper are accurate and feasible against the background of market data and competitors. This complex process requires a detailed understanding of blockchain technology as well as information from both the crypto and classical financial markets.

The next stage takes a close look at the team composition and the community behind the project. A precise background check of all team members is included as well as former projects and qualifications. The community is analyzed in both a quantitative and qualitative way.

To evaluate the technology, our team has to take a close look at the feasibility of the technology and (if any) the coding of the project. The level of innovation is a factor, as well as Github progress or the quality of the wallets. Blockchain and financial experts analyze the Tokenomics of each coin/token. Both function and economic value are taken into consideration at this point.

All stages combined are rating the project in 23 categories. Those categories are weighted differently to get to a final score to rate a project.

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