"Diversity is Our Strength"


Our Analysts

The diversity of our team and our analysts is our main asset. The group consists of international experts, representing different disciplines and key competencies.

Financial experts and analysts from traditional banking form the basis of our knowledge. Structures and processes as well as the practical trading experience in stock and foreign exchange trading ensures that we understand both the general structure of a project and its economic impact on the market.

Our blockchain experts come from a variety of disciplines. Since the coins and tokens are not limited to one industry, but to cover the full range of existing and future business opportunities. An understanding of the technical implementation is the prerequisite for carrying out a qualified evaluation of projects. Together with our team we cover all common programming languages and always ensure the validity of our statements by means of multiple checks.

Our international network of analysts secures a constant monitoring of the market. New projects can be evaluated in an early stage of the development. The experience which was gathered over years qualifies this part of the team to evaluate each project and its sub-areas objectively. Our analysts get first-hand information to countercheck roadmaps, milestones or facts and figures given in the white paper.

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