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On March 6th we had the opportunity to introduce our evaluation framework to the Block&Wine community in Vienna ( The weekly event, hosted and organized by Geronimo Noah Hirschal, Chaturange Sirimalwatta, Daniel Lenikus, Maximilian Humer and Michael Beches provides a great platform to the Blockchain community in Vienna.

Head of Research Paul Antoni pointed out the necessity in the market for reliable and comparable analyses by comparing international ratings and rankings in the cryptosphere. The gap between needed objective, resilient and current non-transparent solutions is severe. The idea of an independent and transparent solution to rate projects fell on fruitable ground at Block&Wine.

After giving a quick overview about our process, Paul gave detailed insights about the scoring process, our analysts and general developments in the market. Feedback has been positive, interesting, diverse and very inspiring. Paul guided the crowd through the evaluation process and answered the questions of the community.
We are very thankful for the constructive and detailed feedback of the community. First inputs were already implemented in the process and many ideas popped up during the discussion and the get together afterwards.

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