Will Bitcoin become the internet’s native currency and will it manage to go beyond?

Recently, tech pioneers and industry leaders made strong statements concerning Bitcoin and its future:

Additionally, Samsung announced that it will deliver its new flagship, the Galaxy S10, with an integrated hardware wallet that allows users to securely store Bitcoin and other crypto assets (read the full article on bitcoinist.com). In the past, Samsung planned to sell approximately 40 million of its new flagships.

This positive change in sentiment is also noticeable when observing what whales (holders of large amounts of Bitcoin) are doing. Between December 17, 2018 and February 25, 2019 these whales accumulated over 150,000 Bitcoin (more than 500 million USD).

When looking at further data provided by the transparent Bitcoin blockchain we can see that the number of transactions per day grew by 66.91% from March 1, 2018 until today.

Also, the total number of Bitcoin wallets created grew by 44.39% over the same period of time.

Also, the total number of Bitcoin wallets created grew by 44,39% over the same period of time.

In our free analysis on Bitcoin, we break down why Bitcoin is such an attractive asset class for many investors and why we believe that Bitcoin could go beyond being the internet’s native currency.

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