Will Basic Attention Token (BAT) be able to disrupt the global advertising industry lead by Google and Facebook?

The Crypto Research (CR) team recently reviewed the Basic Attention Token project lead by JavaScript creator and former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich. The project aims to reshape the digital advertising industry as it allows to monetize attention and removes the middlemen from the advertising process. BAT´s blockchain-based platform creates a mutual basis where users are rewarded for their attention with the platform´s native token called BAT. Publishers can profit as they will get more of the revenue generated on their sites. It is easier for advertisers to target their audience leading to higher ROIs. If rumors about BAT being part of the preinstalled Enjin wallet on Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 are confirmed, the token will gain approximately 31 million potential android users by March 8th (https://www.asiacryptotoday.com/samsung-partnered-with-enjin-enj-for-blockchain-wallet-on-s10/).

According to CR’s Head of Research Paul Antoni, BAT is well-positioned to eliminate countless middlemen as it is one of the few crypto projects with a working product and an actual use case because the token is already integrated into the platforms own Browser called Brave. We expect all parties involved in the digital ad industry to profit from this new way of advertising.

For example, YouTube and Twitch content creators can already receive rewards from their audience via Brave Payments. Additionally, the project’s team established impressing partnerships with the Dow Jones Media Group and the Wall Street Journal. However, the current bottleneck seems to lie in the scalability as the project strongly depends on Ethereum’s scaling solutions.

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Engineering Lead: Brian Bondy

Communications: Catherine Corre

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